Why Are Mattresses Flat?

For the same price as a regular flat layer mattress you can have an amazingly comfortable mattress that's curved inside to fit the curves of your body. No more sore shoulder or hip. No more pressure cutting your circulation. No more lower back or hips pushed up into the air.

We have made a completely new type of mattress actually built to fit the curves of the human body. For your comfort. For your shape.

The result is the most comfortable mattress ever sold. Guaranteed.

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Sore shoulder?... hip?...back?

Not Flat makes the world's only mattress that's curved inside to fit the curves of your body. Where your shoulders are wider, it has deeper, softer material. Where your hips or midsection are wider or heavier, there's a bit more material underneath.

The materials in the Not Flat mattress are curved, like your body is curved. Deeper where you're wider, and thinner where you're narrower.

Stiff or sore neck?

Not Flat also makes the world's only pillow that's curved inside to fit the curves of your body. Where your neck is thinner than your head, it has an internal curve that rises upward for support. Where your head is wider and heavier, the internal curve is thinner. And, lush, soft foam surrounds that internally curved structure on each side, so the pillow looks like a normal pillow on your bed and works with normal pillow cases. 

The inside of the Not Flat pillow is curved, like your neck and head are curved. Thicker where you're narrower, and thinner where you're wider.


People aren't flat. Why are mattresses and pillows? It's hard for a flat layer mattress or pillow to adapt and give the right softness and support everywhere our body needs it. The only way to do it is to curve the interior layers.

Our top layer is a 3 pound density foam we've developed that has the conforming and support traits of memory foam, but with the springiness and airiness of a high resilience urethane foam. It's also the only foam layer in any mattress that varies in firmness from head to toe - softer in some places, firmer in others.

Our bottom layer is a 1.8 pound density support foam that gives the solid, consistent base needed for our mattress to hold up to its 10 year warranty and give many years of stable performance.

Beyond being CertPUR-US certified, our mattress uses our own foam that was engineered to be healthy, safe, non-toxic, and non-irritating.

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